Indoor Sports

We will be re-opening on Friday the 19th of June with a lot of regulations and our COVID-19 safety plan for your protection.

Unfortunately Indoor Sports are still on the restricted list. 1st of July hopefully.

After many, many years of running indoors sports for the Armidale community we have decided to have a break.

In its place we have something new and exciting for Armidale.

Volley Bounce

Volley bounce runs on normal volleyball rules, i.e, no hitting with any other part of body except arms and hands, with a max three hit return. 

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Bball you can use any part of your body to hit the ball (mostly feet, backflips are encouraged) and have a max 5 hit ball return.

Comp coming soon.

Get Involved

We have comps running Monday to Wednesday. Contact us if you would like to get involved.

Thursday to Saturday the courts are available for hire for friends, family, business team building. $80/hr, so $8 each (2 teams of 5). If you would like one of our staff to referee and guide proceedings add $100. 

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